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The truth about Israel’s crimes in Gaza: Word!

January 10, 2009 2 comments

I have just read a great article by the awesome investigative journalist, John Pilger (who just happens to be british) about the israeli terrorism in gaza. in the comments under the article, a zionist supporter is rebutted quite superbly by an anonymous legend who goes by the name, “OrwellianUK”. here is what he/she writes:

how can you be so completely upside down in your judgement? It is the Israeli policy of genocide; well documented albeit supressed which is the Nazism here. John Pilger does not ‘take the Palestinian side’ as you dishonestly claim – he merely does what he has always done – speak out for the poor and helpless when they are being oppressed and murdered by the brutality of the Military/Propaganda machines of the Powerful. I can guarantee you, that if what is happening in Gaza were happening to a Jewish community somewhere in the world, Pilger would be the first to condemn it and reveal the historical truths censored by our media. If you truly want examples of facism, you need look no further than US foreign policy and Israeli policy towards Palestine. Contrary to your unqualified assertion, this is not a war. It is an organised and gradual genocide by the 4th biggest military power on the planet backed by the largest, against one of the poorest societies in the world. Or perhaps you are choosing to be wilfully ignorant in believing the US/Israeli/UK propaganda which far outweighs anything Hamas can manage and which follows a simple rule: Their violence: ‘Terrorism’. Our violence: ‘Defending Democracy’

Read George Orwell’s 1984 and this will become evident.

here is john pilger’s piece in the new statesman. oh OrwellianUK, i salute you!

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