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We spawned the flipping English language for God’s sake

March 10, 2009 4 comments

those of you that have known me for a while will know that i like football. i do but one thing that always ticks me off is the way in which a lot of footballers butcher the english language in their various media duties, starting every sentence with either “at the end of the day” or “as i say” and then ending with “we done that”. however, the thing that made me blog this actually came from a cricket player, a sport that is traditionally played, at least professionally, by semi-educated people here in england. graham swann, in the tms podcast for the 4th day’s play of the 5th test against the windies, said that jimmy anderson was “literally on his death bed the night before”. i actually stopped what i was doing and waited for him to say “sorry not literally” but it never came. what the heck?!?!

im probably being way too worked up about this but still it sounds so lame when you hear people saying literally to emphasise something when “practically” or simply saying “almost” would be so much more appropriate. when it comes down to it, its sports people that alot of the kids these days look up to so maybe the death of our beloved language is nigh. well perhaps not. ok im going to stop now as its probably not even that much of a big deal.

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