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Are you professional?

February 7, 2009 Leave a comment
a true professional

The fallout from christian bale’s f-bomb-ridden outburst on the set of the greatly anticipated terminator salvation film continues. one thing that i have enjoyed is the range of parodies on youtube already. my favourite has to be the “R U Professional” song. i love it. i have played it so many times in the flat. i think it would do well in the charts. other higlights are the mash-ups with bill o’reilly (what a loser btw).

i read today that my man bale rang up an LA radio station and apologised wholeheartedly for the tirade. he also added that he completely lost the boundary between facts and fiction and was still kind of in character (john connor) so thats why he went on for so long and seemed to completely lose it. either way, i think he has fulfilled his remit of entertaining us so, well done “batman” bale! maybe im not the most unbiased person here as ive been a fan of his ever since i first watched american psycho (good film!).

obviously he did go over the top but we have a lot more serious problems in the world right now. and what better way to relieve your stress from worldly affairs than to listen to the rant or even better, watch the amazing youtube creations that have popped up since and kept me happy for the past few days.

finally, ask yourself this question: are you professional or not!?

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