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hmmm xmas dinner

December 26, 2008 Leave a comment

xmas day wouldnt be xmas day without xmas dinner and boy was it a dinner and a half! there should be more turkey-eating holidays in the UK man. we need more excuses to cook way too much food; so much that we get to save it and make turkey sandwiches with the special “moist maker” in the middle. there was a cool lookback at blackadder on bbc 1 this evening. man series 1 was crap compared to the later ones but thats one thing we have over the americans in terms of televsion: historical sitcoms. they also repeated the top gear episode where they get chased by rednecks in the deep south. im starting to sound like a right couch potato so thats me out for the day.

hope everyone had a merry one

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