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For crying out loud!

April 5, 2011 4 comments

There are certain topics that really, really get to me. One such thing is the image of Muslims portrayed in mass media. Sometimes it makes me feel totally helpless but then I realise that the only way to counter some of the complete bull written by pseudo-experts on Muslim affairs, is to try and show people otherwise.

The specific thing that got to me this morning was a video on the BBC website entitled Muslim brother’s ‘dirty’ handshake. I was quite disappointed by it because the BBC is still an organisation that I am proud of due to its international reputation but this is not on. In said video, there’s a nutter who shakes the hands of non-Muslims with his left hand simply because they’re not Muslim. Now, we all know that every community has its bad apples. Why oh why do Muslim crazies always make it onto our screens and pages? Have Muslims cornered the market on lunatics? If you don’t know any real-life Muslims, I would not blame you for thinking that all Muslims are completely nuts if all you are going on is this drivel in the press. But if you get to know Muslims, you will realise that they’re we’re not all that bad. We are just like everybody else in that most of us are normal with a few loose cannons on the edges. Just because Muslim-bashing is the flavour of the decade doesn’t mean that you have to believe everything you read or hear. Go and do your own research or better still: Muslims, go and show people what you’re really like so all this crap falls on deaf ears.

Obviously the linked story below didn’t make it this far west but this is how true, normal, everyday Muslims believe we should be living our lives: helping our neighbours when they are in need and playing a constructive role in our communities and wider society. After all, if you’re clinically a loser, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Muslim, Christian, Jew or anything else; you’re still a complete loser.

Currying flavor: town gets food aid | The Japan Times Online.

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January 25, 2009 Leave a comment

well it’s been 2 weeks since my last forage into the bloggersphere and quite a bit has happened. israel managed to just about stop killing gazans but not before fracturing an international law or two, obama was inaugurated (are the 2 linked?), i watched the last episode of binbo danshi, and kaka’ turned down a stupid-money move to city. oh yeah, and my flat mate went to a labour party dinner and met david milliband, who said a lot of (bad) things about the illegal state of israel. nice work dave!

oh and a development over the last 48 hours has been the BBC’s refusal to air a disastors emergency committee (DEC) broadcast appeal for gaza. this is starting to take the piss really. so pleasing some seriously messed up lobby with no morals is more important than doing your bit to help your fellow human beings who have been exposed to war crimes by an illegal state? wheres the morality in that? i love the bbc because its a british institution so im proud of it but this will really test people’s affections for it. and the fact that the chief operating officer (caroline thomson) has the audacity to say that the massive number of complaints doesnt really matter is BS. simply because its us, joe the plumber and friends (the public), who pay for the bloody bbc! do we really have no feelings towards a people who have been subjected to so much over the past 60 years? the excuses that the bbc bosses have come out with make them sound like they went to the same school of bull that mark regev went to. at least this fiasco has been reported enough on british news channels to publicise the campaign anyway.

on to more positive news; that of kaka’ turning down a move to man city that would have made a lot of people lose any remaining respect for our most beautiful game, had it gone through. im happy that there is at least one player who doesnt just play for the highest bidder but for the team he loves. kaka’ has confirmed his status as not only one of the top 3 players in the world, but also a cool person.

ermmmmm…. so in summary, i think its time for milliband and obama to lead us and the americans into israel and liberate the land and give it back to the palestinians. 😉 ahem…..

hmmm xmas dinner

December 26, 2008 Leave a comment

xmas day wouldnt be xmas day without xmas dinner and boy was it a dinner and a half! there should be more turkey-eating holidays in the UK man. we need more excuses to cook way too much food; so much that we get to save it and make turkey sandwiches with the special “moist maker” in the middle. there was a cool lookback at blackadder on bbc 1 this evening. man series 1 was crap compared to the later ones but thats one thing we have over the americans in terms of televsion: historical sitcoms. they also repeated the top gear episode where they get chased by rednecks in the deep south. im starting to sound like a right couch potato so thats me out for the day.

hope everyone had a merry one

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