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“I’m not cool enough to be a Mac person” says Lauren

damn straight youre not. id much rather fork out a bit more cash and be happy for longer with mac os. the alternative being spending less on a windows pc but having to replace the ctrl, alt and delete keys due to overuse or better still, having to buy a new computer pretty bloody soon after. so basically, what im saying is that the ad neglects the importance of the total cost of ownership, being a microsoft ad, theyd be stupid not to.

it all boils down to the fact that the windows universe has a lot more choice when it comes to computers but when you bring a windows pc up to spec with a mac, itll be priced very similarly. as most people dont need the extra features, they can go for the cheaper option of buying a windows machine. i guess what im trying to say is that the ad is a little unfair but clever in that it prices apple out of the equation as the only 17″ model they have is the macbook pro that our friend, lauren, enquires about in the ad.

ill still sleep happy knowing that God gave me enough coolness to be a mac person. 😉

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