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kanashimi ni sayonara. thats japanese for sad goodbye. its actually a song by the legendary 1980s japanese pop group anzen chitai. anyway its a fitting phrase right now for me as tomorrow, a few of my friends from hosei university will be going back to tokyo. they were only here for like 5 months so its a shame theyre going back so soon. i was pretty close with some of them. anyway life must go on and now i have even more reasons to return to japan for the first time since my working holiday. im going to miss you guys… chikako, yurika, kazu and everyone else, you know who you are! 😦

goodbyes are harder than hellos by Danielle Hodgkins

I know it will be hard,
For both you and I,
But whenever we get lonely,
We can look up in the sky,

And I will know that God, the Father,
Is watching over you,
And you will also know,
That he’s watching me, too.

He’ll bring us back together,
Before too much time has passed,
And we can be together,
Once again, Once more, at Last.

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