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For crying out loud!

There are certain topics that really, really get to me. One such thing is the image of Muslims portrayed in mass media. Sometimes it makes me feel totally helpless but then I realise that the only way to counter some of the complete bull written by pseudo-experts on Muslim affairs, is to try and show people otherwise.

The specific thing that got to me this morning was a video on the BBC website entitled Muslim brother’s ‘dirty’ handshake. I was quite disappointed by it because the BBC is still an organisation that I am proud of due to its international reputation but this is not on. In said video, there’s a nutter who shakes the hands of non-Muslims with his left hand simply because they’re not Muslim. Now, we all know that every community has its bad apples. Why oh why do Muslim crazies always make it onto our screens and pages? Have Muslims cornered the market on lunatics? If you don’t know any real-life Muslims, I would not blame you for thinking that all Muslims are completely nuts if all you are going on is this drivel in the press. But if you get to know Muslims, you will realise that they’re we’re not all that bad. We are just like everybody else in that most of us are normal with a few loose cannons on the edges. Just because Muslim-bashing is the flavour of the decade doesn’t mean that you have to believe everything you read or hear. Go and do your own research or better still: Muslims, go and show people what you’re really like so all this crap falls on deaf ears.

Obviously the linked story below didn’t make it this far west but this is how true, normal, everyday Muslims believe we should be living our lives: helping our neighbours when they are in need and playing a constructive role in our communities and wider society. After all, if you’re clinically a loser, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Muslim, Christian, Jew or anything else; you’re still a complete loser.

Currying flavor: town gets food aid | The Japan Times Online.

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  1. Azam
    April 5, 2011 at 18:10

    I read about this in the Daily Mail. I know, I should know better than to read the Daily Mail! What was I thinking? But you’re right, it’s sad that all the bad things that aren’t actually ‘Islamic teaching’ but misinterpretations seem to have a ready place in the papers. I lived in the UK for a very long time, and was happily practising my religion without any problems until the 2000s/ post 9/11. But from what i see in the papers now, I’d be afraid to go back and live there for fear of not being allowed to live as a Muslim. Nevermind the xenophobia.

    • April 5, 2011 at 18:35

      Thanks for commenting.

      But living in the UK really isn’t that bad. It’s still easier to live here than many Muslim-majority countries. Nobody will impede your right to practice your own religion.

      • Azam
        April 5, 2011 at 18:44

        Oh no, I didn’t mean it that way. I lived permanently in the UK for a good 15 years until 2005, and Ive returned there almost every year since without fail. It’s second home to me. But for those do not know the UK, or are going there to live or study for the first time, it can be a bit daunting if ‘anti-Islamic’ sentiments persists in the media, and they believed them. You’re right, the UK is still a much easier place to live in for Muslims compared to some places I know. Anyway, I like your posts Zoheb. Keep writing mate!

  2. April 5, 2011 at 19:08

    Thanks bro!

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