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The beauty of Ramadan

This is my first post in absolutely ages. I’m sure nobody has missed my largely pointless ramblings but I felt the urge to write about this beautiful month we find sailing past us.

Ramadan is beautiful. Now, I could end this post there and I wouldn’t feel like I’ve missed anything. However, for the sake of making up for lost time, I’ll continue. While I fast (during daylight hours) I naturally feel at peace. I remember a friend once told me a couple of Ramadans ago that I’m different when I fast. He said that I seem at ease and more content.

The wisdom behind having this period of holding back your desires is substantial. Hunger and thirst are not in themselves the purpose. Rather, the purpose is what follows the hunger and thirst i.e. weakening the desires, extinguishing anger, subduing the soul to a reassured state. If this purpose is not achieved, then fasting is useless as it has no effect besides making you hungry and thirsty.

These days you have close to 1.6 billion people not eating and drinking in the daytime. That’s powerful and it gives Muslims worldwide a sense of family and kinship that underlines the feeling of all Muslims being one family. And when you see people smiling at you whenever you meet them because they feel at peace when fasting, you really don’t want Ramadan to end.

All the ways that I find to waste time the rest of the year simply don’t appeal to me during this month. I feel at peace and I have time to reflect. It’s a blessing that Ramadan was totally during the summer holidays this year. But it’s leaving us so soon. This month when all our Muslim friends become so generous and kind and spend their quiet times praying for forgiveness. A prophetic saying instructs: if somebody shouts at you or insults you, rather than replying, you say “I’m fasting” and you show tolerance and patience.

… I wish every month could be Ramadan.

  1. Omar Z
    September 3, 2010 at 18:48

    MashAllah Z! always a shame how quickly this month flies by…. one day we shall reunite in Leeds Grand Mosque inshAllah

  2. Faisal
    September 3, 2010 at 19:32

    You are right about all the pace and happiness that the month of Ramadan spreads among people everywhere in the world. I just want to share one idea I thought about when I was praying at 1:00 am with thousands of muslims in the mosque. I felt about the real unity of Muslims no matter what colour , position, nationality, age and langauge they speak. And I hope this pace that we Muslims feel in ramadan goes to all people in this world all the time.
    Thanks Zoheb for this beautiful post at this month.

    • September 5, 2010 at 03:30

      Thanks for your kind words and I agree with that. Ameen! Hope you have a wonderful last few days of this beloved month.

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