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Swine-flu SNOUTBREAK!! Expert advice on what to do

I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

I found the following list posted on a blog that i regularly read. it was originally a post by a commenter on infowars.com. THE site of choice if you ever feel like this latest H1N1 outbreak really is one of the signs of the aporkalypse.

  • 1. Go out & buy n-95 masks or equivalent. $ 20.00 for box of 20 at Lowe’s & Home Depot.
  • 2. Buy surgical gloves.
  • 3. Get anti-bacterial soaps, & bleach.
  • 4. Get a preventative doctors prescription for Tamiflu or Relenza, about $ 50.00 to $ 70.00 per multiple dose pack or bottle.
  • 5. Quarantine yourself & go no where if possible. No guests, in or out.
  • 6. If that’s not possible, wear the mask & gloves, everytime you go out. When done, come home take off the gloves throw away in bio-hazard container. Take off mask, put on shelf for use again. Wash hands with soap & water, rinse, then rinse again in mild form of “bleachwater.” Then blow, or allow to air dry. Or use seperate 2nd towel ( white ) to dry them.
  • 7. You cannot go out to eat, go to the movies, or eat any prepared foods. They will not be safe. The only safe foods will be sealed in “glass jars, metal, tin, or frozen, long before the “PANDEMIC,” hit. No fresh breads, salads, open foods, fast food restaurants, nothing like it.
  • 8. Do not trust or believe the mainstream news media ! I cannot stress that enough. Get your “TRUTHFUL,” news from the internet.
  • 9. Do not take any shots or vaccinations what so ever ! I do not trust them !
  • 10. Watch for more deaths, clusters, & such.
  • 11. Once people get scared & panic, it’s gonna be nuts. And you won’t be able to get food, medical, supplies, water, or anything.
  • 12. Please run out now, & buy what you need, right away. You should be stocked up already as you’ve been told for all other types of “end of the world scenarios.”
  • 13. The CDC & other sites have good information on how to protect yourself.
  • 14. Do not seal up your home airtight ! You’ll run out of fresh air qucikly & die of lack of oxygen.
  • 15. Of course keep your doors & windows shut.
  • 16. PRAY !

So there you have it. some valuable advice that im sure your local government’s disaster response team will be giving out soon. i love how 12 will lead to 11 anyway. but if its what the experts are saying then surely we have to follow what they say.

just a final thought. i guess the looks that asian-looking men with backpacks get on the london underground will be now be reserved for sombrero-wearers with surgical masks on. some valuable fashion advice to keep in mind if you ever need a seat on a crowded train. throwing in a few coughs as well as mumbling some spanish will be sure to do the trick and part the waves for a spacious and more comfortable commute.

p.s. remember this is not my advice so i will not be held responsible for causing mass panic. use your brain and for the love of God, wash your hands and we should all be fine インシャーラ。

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