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The truth about Israel’s crimes in Gaza: Word!

I have just read a great article by the awesome investigative journalist, John Pilger (who just happens to be british) about the israeli terrorism in gaza. in the comments under the article, a zionist supporter is rebutted quite superbly by an anonymous legend who goes by the name, “OrwellianUK”. here is what he/she writes:

how can you be so completely upside down in your judgement? It is the Israeli policy of genocide; well documented albeit supressed which is the Nazism here. John Pilger does not ‘take the Palestinian side’ as you dishonestly claim – he merely does what he has always done – speak out for the poor and helpless when they are being oppressed and murdered by the brutality of the Military/Propaganda machines of the Powerful. I can guarantee you, that if what is happening in Gaza were happening to a Jewish community somewhere in the world, Pilger would be the first to condemn it and reveal the historical truths censored by our media. If you truly want examples of facism, you need look no further than US foreign policy and Israeli policy towards Palestine. Contrary to your unqualified assertion, this is not a war. It is an organised and gradual genocide by the 4th biggest military power on the planet backed by the largest, against one of the poorest societies in the world. Or perhaps you are choosing to be wilfully ignorant in believing the US/Israeli/UK propaganda which far outweighs anything Hamas can manage and which follows a simple rule: Their violence: ‘Terrorism’. Our violence: ‘Defending Democracy’

Read George Orwell’s 1984 and this will become evident.

here is john pilger’s piece in the new statesman. oh OrwellianUK, i salute you!

  1. texan2driver
    January 10, 2009 at 21:10

    I want both sides to quit shooting each other, but the only thing that is heard in any media outlet is how Israel is bombing Gaza and killing women and children. The world is only getting half of the story. Hamas, which happens to be the elected representation for Gaza and the Palestinians, has been lobbing rockets into Israel for years, killing innocent women and children. Israel has restrained herself for years while attempting to negotiate peace, has given up land, and compromised at every turn. Yet the duly elected representatives of Gaza and the Palestinians elect to continue “poking the bear.” What’s worse, when Hamas awakens the bear they hide behind their women and children placing them at risk. There is video proof of this. Most recently they were witnessed launching rockets from a school roof top which was subsequently bombed in retaliation.

    Again, as a Christian I want peace. However, NEITHER side can be expected to sit back and be attacked over and over again with no effort to protect themselves.

  2. matsudolegend
    January 10, 2009 at 21:55

    thanks for commenting texan2driver.

    firstly i agree with you on the need for an immediate ceasefire. simply because the terrorism committed by the state of israel in gaza is nothing but that, terrorism. When the Israeli propaganda machine refers to Hamas as “terrorists” it conveniently forgets the atrocities of the Stern Gang or the Irgun – the original Jewish terrorists. we are fed a highly partisan account of the Middle East. our (the west’s) remedy is to stop the trafficking of arms across the Egyptian-Gaza border but these are mere peashooters compared with the military hardware lavished on Israel by the USA, about which we dont hear a murmur.

    If there is to be a “two state solution” then there must be extensive restitution of land to the Arabs or permanent peace will be an illusion.

    do you know the history behind israel and its formation? please please read up on it. if you want to talk about compromise, how can you say israel has compromised? they have kicked out the palestinians from their land and after putting gaza under siege, have started bombing a virtually defenceless population. lets repeat the fact that they are under siege. they have nowhere to go. and your comment is factually inaccurate. the recent ceasefire was broken by israel on november 5th when they killed 6 hamas gunmen in a raid into gaza (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/nov/05/israelandthepalestinians). its been widely reported at the beginning of this conflict that hamas broke the ceasefire but these facts are starting to come out. how about the IDF telling those civilians to shelter in a building and then subsequently shelling it, killing 30 civilians? hitting the UN school, how about that? not letting humanitarian aid in? the facts are that israel is committing horrendous war crimes against the gazans and the world’s leaders are relatively silent. if you would put yourself in the position of a palestinian in gaza right now, im pretty sure you would think differently. the palestinians are your proverbial bear.

    and also, everybody in the world knows that its not even funny how pro-israeli our western media is. if only the US public knew how much they sacrifice for the israelis…


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